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Simplify your adventure planning with our ChatGPT-powered SMS-to-email Adventure Coach! Emulating the humor and charisma of Kevin Hart and The Rock, our AI Adventure Coach curates personalized itineraries based on your preferences.

Engage in enjoyable banter while drafting your adventure plan, with no app download required. From interests to destinations, the AI Coach takes vital details from your conversation and crafts your itinerary, following up for refinements and checking in on your progress - all for FREE!

Chat with ChatGPT via SMS

Chat with your AI Adventure Coach via SMS telling him what type of adventure and where you want to adventure

Get a Personalized Itinerary Emailed

THEN get a personalized adventure itinerary emailed to you via ChatGPT, with summaries of everything you've chatted about over SMS

Get a Fully Built Out Slide Deck

Our AI Adventure Coach will wait 10-14 days and then send a follow up SMS to continue trying to complete all 3 stages of planning an adventure!
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Start Chatting with Our ChatGPT Powered AI Adventure Coach Today!

Our AI Adventure Coach Is Built to Coach You Through Deciding 3 Things:

And Will Tackle Them in This Order..

Stage 1 - WHERE Are You Going?

Stage 2 - WHAT Are You Going To Do There?

Stage 3 - WHEN Are You Going To Go?

Get An Email Summary?

Once you haven't responded back within 1 hour, our AI Adventure Coach will immediately compile the summary email and send it over. Or if you would like to get is ASAP then simply text back "summary", "summarize", or any variation of that.

If you would like to resume your convo go ahead at anytime by simply texting back again!

Gina's Adventure Coaching Services

Through Gina's Adventure Coaching, you get more than just a checklist of adventures to tick off. She'll guide you through the process of setting meaningful adventure goals, planning your trips meticulously, and ensuring you stay accountable to your daring dreams. From an exciting weekend getaway with your family to a backpacking trip you've been dreaming of, Gina will be your compass guiding you towards your adventure destination.


Adventure Goal Setting

Gina will help you craft achievable and exciting adventure goals that align with your interests and lifestyle. Whether you want to go on a family camping trip or learn a new outdoor sport, Gina will assist you in setting goals that thrill you.

Adventure Coaching

Unique Adventure Recommendations

Tired of overcrowded tourist spots? Gina specializes in recommending hidden gems for your adventures. Drawing from her own explorations, she will help you discover off-the-beaten-path locations and unique adventures that aren't widely shared everywhere. Get ready to enjoy your adventure without the crowds and create memorable experiences in places you can call your own.

Adventure Coaching

Motivating Kids on Adventures

Are you worried about your little ones losing steam halfway through a hike? Gina understands the challenges of adventuring with kids and knows exactly how to keep their spirits high. With firsthand experience as a single mom of three, she will share her tried-and-tested tips and strategies on how to motivate children when they're tired and keep them excited about the journey.

Adventure Coaching

Adventure Planning

Detailed planning can be the difference between a stressful trip and an unforgettable adventure. From choosing locations to packing the essentials, Gina will help you plan it all.

Adventure Coaching

Adventure Accountability

Gina’s coaching goes beyond setting and planning your adventures. She will regularly check in on your progress, provide necessary guidance, and motivate you to stay committed to your adventurous goals.

Adventure Coaching


Adventure Coaching

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    Simply chat via SMS - then get a personalized itinerary emailed

    Our AI Adventure Coach will chat with you via SMS, and then after 1 hour of inactivity will immediately email you a personalized itinerary of adventure plans. 

    Personalized Adventure Itineraries Emailed to You

    From a simple conversation, our AI Adventure Coach can automatically pull out important details such as things you want to do, see, and experience. It then builds out a personalized adventure itinerary/plan and emails it to you...all for FREE.

    Continue Chatting Over Email & SMS

    You can continue speaking with your adventure coach over email and SMS to further refine your adventure plans.

    Automatically Follows Up

    It even follows up with you after a couple of weeks to see if you've made additional progress on your adventure plan!

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    There are 3 primary reasons you don't adventure more...

    The three primary reasons people don't adventure more are: they don't have a plan, they don't follow up with themselves, and they think they have more time. Our AI Adventure Coach helps you overcome all of these hurdles. It builds out your plan, gives you additional ideas for your plan, and keeps you accountable to make progress on your plan.

    So, are you ready to discover the pain-free solution to planning your adventures? Get personalized itineraries, follow-ups, and expert assistance with AI Adventure Coach today!

    Start your adventure planning journey with us and let the AI Adventure Coach turn your dream adventure into a reality!

    • You Don't Have a Plan
    • You Don't Follow Up With Yourself
    • You Think You Have More Time
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