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Buying Your Next Pair of Hiking Shoes

Most people would agree that having a good pair of shoes, not only makes them feel comfortable, but also keeps them safe by not hurting their spine. If you do not buy right shoes for an adventure our outing, then it can affect your health including your knees, feet, back and spine. It is very […]

Family Zion ATV Riding

A favorite pastime of my families is riding ATV’s, or four-wheelers as we call them. When we gather together at our cabin near Zion, it won’t be long until you’ll see four-wheelers going every which way. With kids begging for rides, to the parents pawning off their children, to crazy teenagers who think they’re invincible […]

Night Ice Climbing With Crazy Lights. Would You?

I love rock climbing. I’ve only recently begun it, but have sincerely loved the thrill of it. Looking up at a rock face and thinking “I’m never getting up that” and then that feeling when you’ve arrived at the summit and get to overlook your conquest. It truly is a great sport. But this ice […]

The Cliff Story – Why My Family Doesn’t Go Snowmobiling Anymore

My family past time used to include going snowmobiling. We loved it, that indescribable feeling as you are floating along fresh perfect powder is hard to replicate anywhere, or with anything. Braving that hilltop that you were maybe 50-50 on making it up alive, but when you reached the summit and looked over your conquest […]