Regular Price Day Pass: $64
0 – 20: $50 Day Pass
21 – 50: $40 Day Pass
51: $30 Day Pass + Free Pizza Party
Date Valid: January 15th

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Your price drops as more people sign on!

Ready to come ride Brian Head’s incredible mountain? If so then we’ve got the perfect RushLuck for you. We’ve knocked the regular day pass down from $65 to $50, with the potential of making that price only $30. And if we reach the magical 51+ then we’re throwing in a free pizza party at the bottom of Giant Steps for everyone as well!

Alright so here’s the breakdown:

  1. If between 0 – 20 people purchase this luck, your day pass is only $50
  2. If that goes above 20 but under 50 (21-50) then it drops your day pass down to $40
  3. The Grand Prize is if over 50 people purchase this luck, not only does your day pass drop to $30, you also all get a free pizza party at the bottom of Giant Steps!

So get booking and get sharing. Remember once you purchase this luck you won’t be charged until it closes, that way we’ll only charge you the final price.