Family Zion ATV Riding

February 20, 2014

kolob canyon

A favorite pastime of my families is riding ATV’s, or four-wheelers as we call them. When we gather together at our cabin near Zion, it won’t be long until you’ll see four-wheelers going every which way. With kids begging for rides, to the parents pawning off their children, to crazy teenagers who think they’re invincible on them; it’s all part of the ATV riding rodeo.

But there are few things that we love as much. Riding that trail up the mountain side, winding through the trees, going over small boulders, and taking on steep hills, we never tire of it. There’s so much it can offer, the thrill of it when you feel the power of the machine. The scenery that you probably wouldn’t see if it weren’t for a mechanized horse taking you there. And the wildlife that you’ll witness as you traverse mountain trails.

zion atvOften it’s the wildlife that most intrigues the younger ones as their favorite time is when we glimpse a doe grazing in a meadow, or a buck with its giant horns observing us through the brush as we ride by. And occasionally you’ll get to see an animal or two that isn’t as prevalent as deer and rabbits. Sometimes you’ll get to see an truly magnificent creature like the cougar I once came upon as it was trying to flee, and avoid being seen. Seeing an animal in a picture, is not the same as seeing an animal move and scurry away. I have to this day yet to see an animal who moved as majestically as a cougar, it is truly a beautiful animal.

The little ones like the wildlife, but adults are usually more fond of the scenery that an ATV or Rhino ride can provide us. Near our cabin is an overlook that gives us a vantage point of Zion National Park (and Kolob as well for those who are familiar with the area). It is so great to be able to ride in the mountains, soaking up the sun only to be offered a view or vantage point that overlooks something as amazing as Zion National Park. With its towering cliffs, and canyons that you can see from miles away. It truly is an amazing place and a great past time for my family.

Riding four-wheelers is so great, especially when you get the chance to see things like Zion. So if you get the chance to take a ride, or take an Zion ATV tour then don’t miss out.