Into the White Abyss

Alright we’ll come clean, that title was ours. Quite applicable though wouldn’t you say? There are few things better than a picture as pristine as this, that seem to begin a story and leave you wanting to know it’s conclusion.

This picture is courtesy of Geoff Holman. The skier picture is Adam Benson, and was done for Valhalla powdercats in BC Canada.

Photo Credit: Geoff Holman, on 500px

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Avalanche Cliff Base Jump

Sometimes the trail you take to find a killer video like this one is the real journey. What started out as a click on “Epic Skiing Fail” led me to find this video that is truly awesome. I also regrettably realized that skiing down a mountain side, then base jumping off of a cliff with an avalanche behind me, is something that I will never experience. Oh well, for everything else there’s GoPro right?


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